Saturday, 21 March 2015

Life of an RMO (private hospital medical doctor)

The day to day bulk of the work consists of checking on patients, prescribing medication, and fine-tuning your intravenous cannula skills. You are not expected to do ward rounds. As most patients are elective admissions, you are only called to see them if there is a clinical concern or the consultant specifically requests your help.
Occasionally there will be a patient to clerk, who is usually an emergency admission. As for clinics, because patients pay to see a consultant, you do not consult with patients. Some hospitals may ask you to assist consultants in theatre, although technically speaking if this happens you should expect an assistant's fee from the surgeon. On the whole, the patients are not as acutely ill as they are in the NHS, the work is pretty stress free, and nights are very rarely interrupted.


The living quarters are generally of a high standard, with a computer with internet access. If you are lucky your meals are complimentary. During the day there will be periods when you hardly get interrupted, and this is the ideal time to get some reading or writing done. Beware: if you lack self discipline, you can find that you spend this time watching satellite films or sports instead.


The pay is at the level the candidate was at during their previous NHS post. So if you were a senior house officer (SHO) IV going into the job, that is the pay level you would receive, which would increase to level V after one year (as it would in the NHS). The pay is a basic salary, which includes on-calls.

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  1. In addition to above mentioned things, a doctor should undergo the revalidation for doctor to get their licence to practice.

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