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BEST RMO (Resident Medical Officer) jobs today around UK


 The RMO job is the best and safest way to get into the British healthcare system

You can earn between 1,400 to 1,810 Pounds  (2200 EURO) week worked! The RMO plays a vital role in the medical industry - it is a position of challenges and rewards that can help you gain medical experience in the UK. Contact us now if you want to apply for the RMO posts or if you have friends who might be interested!

Job description

The job description varies depending on the individual needs of the hospitals, but the main task for a RMO is risk management. This entails recognizing and assessing a change in a patient€s condition and communicating that to the consultant in charge of the patient. The RMO is also responsible for leading the "crash team" in the event of a cardiac arrest situation. The RMO is expected to take total charge of the situation and advise the other clinicians on what action to take.
As a RMO, you will deal largely with patients in a post-surgical setting. In every task though, you will be supported by a close-working nursing team.


1. Graduation with a recognised medical degree, obtained following 6 years of study
2. A minimum of 2 years of relevant post-qualification experience at the time of application, typically comprising 1 year as a House Officer (HO) or equivalent and at least 1 year as a Senior House Officer (SHO) or equivalent.
3. Post-qualification experience should include an absolute minimum of 6 months surgery and 6 months medicine.
4. Relevant experience should fall into the following categories: General surgery, Orthopaedic surgery, General Medicine, Accident & Emergency.
5. Paediatrics is an essential requirement for a significant number of clients and for these a minimum of 6 months must be demonstrated. This should have been gained within the last 3 years. Doctors who have only worked with paediatrics and who therefore do not have significant experience with adults in the recent past will not be accepted.
6. Experience gained within Medical Oncology, including the administration of chemotherapy is a distinct advantage.
 7. Must have perform minimum 400 cannulations, 400 blood takings, 50 male catheterisations and interpreted a minimum of 200 ECGs.
8. Fluent spoken and written English.
9. ALS and EPLS plus full GMC registration. Our agency can help you with this registration if you are an EU doctor.
The RMOs ordinarily work week on, week off (1:1) rotations. Whilst some variations on this pattern are in operation, it is felt that 1:1 rotations offer the safest working conditions for the doctors within the hospitals, whilst providing the doctors with consolidated blocks of work to minimise their need to travel.
The hospitals that operate 1:1 rotations provide free on-duty accommodation and meals, and internet access is provided to doctors.

Salary: 36,400 - 47,060 pounds / year

Opportunities available throughout the UK! Please apply now.

The hospitals provide free on-duty meals, and internet access is provided to doctors. More about our UK jobs at

If you are interested, please send you CV to or email address.

Good luck

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